Toukiden 2: Mission Collection Set 3 Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd. 2017

Below 9 missions are included in this set: "Monkey Oni and a Knight" (Phase 5), "Western Pterosaur" (11), "Patrol Mission, Once Again - Chaos" (12), "Champion Rago" (5), "Volcano Nemesis" (6), "Patrol Mission, Once Again - Yore" (12), "Mole Turtle Hiding in the Desert" (4), "Reverse Ambush"(10), "Sand-swimming Under the Blazing Sun" (11), You will be able to access these missions when your phase reaches certain level as shown in the list above. To access these missions, use the Portal Stone to go to the "Slayers' Headquarters" and choose the "Additional Mission Compilation". To play these missions in multiplayer mode, all of the players must have this DLC installed.
Download: None currently available

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