Disney Magic Artist Deluxe Disney Interactive Studios 2001

Discover the tools to bring art to life. This is an interactive art studio featuring effects and wacky tools to give kids the power to create their own art. Play with the Blender that mixes up colors and textures with the push of a button, or try a Texture Pumper that gushes out five different 3-D designs. Create desktop patterns with the Tile Tool or give the Pastry Tool a squeeze to squirt frosting and sprinkle on toppings. The features are easy to use with streamlined navigation to make importing, exporting, and printing simple. Get access to exclusive animated stamps, props, and backgrounds online and create Web-ready artwork. Bring the canvas to life with exploding fireworks, baking cookies, flying butterflies, and more. Even scan and edit photos into crazy creations. E-mail friends for an instant online art exhibit. The interactive art studio that's a toolbox full of fun. Amazing effects and wacky new tools give everyone the power to create their own mind-blowing art. Bring your art to life - just like magic. is specially designed to connect with all future Disney's Magic Artist titles, increasing the number of art tools and compatibility with each CD-ROM, as users download new tools and create works of art online using DMA On-line. They can even scan in photos and decorate them. There's limitless opportunity for instant fun and creativity for everyone. The Possibilities Are as Endless as Your Imagination. Over 300 Disney Magic Stamps including characters, backgrounds, props, and more. The canvas come alive as fireworks explode, cookies bake, butterflies fly and more. You can even direct animated show that feature Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto. Change Backgrounds, add music and more.
Magic Artist Studio + Magic Artist Deluxe - ISO Demo 328MB (uploaded by Twink)

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