Hugo Classic #1 ITE Media ApS (Interactive Television Entertainment) 2000

The original versions of this game collection was published for the Amiga in two parts Hugo På Nye Eventyr Del 1 and Hugo På Nye Eventyr Del 2 in 1992. It was re-released as a single player game for the first time in 1994 and in 1996 they also released for the PC. Numerous requests from passionate Hugo players have led ITE to revamp the coveted first Hugo titles and prepare them for Windows. The result is a classic collection, which makes the hearts of the Hugo fans beat faster. Hugo, the little goblin, has to free his wife Hugoline and his three children from the clutches of the evil witch Hexana, who keeps his family in a cave. This is not so easy, because on his way through the forest, on the Draisine, on the mountain or on the plane, Hexana always puts new obstacles in his way with a lot of cunning, trickery and magic. Even in the cave, Hexana is waiting for him! The computer game can be played in two versions. Once in the already known TV version, but also in the more difficult arcade version. Train - Hugo has found an old railway line, which leads to Scylla's cave. Hugo is trying to get into the cave to the resin, but as soon as the Scylla gets wind of this company, he wants to make sure that the troll reach your destination. Forest - Hugo's adventures in the woods purpose of finding Scylla's cave. On the way Hugo's need to watch out swinging branches, traps in the country and towards the future stones. Mountain - Hugo climbing up a steep slope of a mountain to reach Scylla cave. Along the way, he encounters the rolling stones and drops into the ravine. Airplane - Hugo has found an old airplane, by means of which he tries to approach the Scylla cave from the air. However, Hugo comes to dodge the storm clouds, and red hot air balloons that explode.
ISO Demo 686MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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