Deep Fritz 8 ChessBase GmbH / Viva Media 2003

New multi-processor version with spectacular 3D. Play chess with the strongest chess engine ever available in retail. Speed! On a single processor system Deep Fritz 8 is superior to its little brother Fritz 8. On a dual processor system Deep Fritz 8 calculates 85% faster than Fritz 8, achieving an even better performance. Understanding! One of the most interesting features of Deep Fritz 8 is that in addition to its speed the program has gained a remarkable degree of positional understanding. The endgame technique has also been improved, something you will see especially in the way it prepares the way to an advantageous ending in the middlegame - just like a strong human master. All of this has been achieved without sacrificing any of the program's legendary tactical strength. Stunning Graphics! Beautiful 3D Boards with zoom and tilt functions. Featuring the Spanish Room where you can play in just the right atmosphere. The Chess Media System which offers a new dimension in chess training. The media system including video pictures, sound, notation, text and a synchronised graphical chess board - there is no better way of presenting chess. Deep Fritz comes with the World Championship engine and the World Championship openings book. Exclusive Bonus: 12 months free subscription to the chess server
ISO Demo 509MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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