Under That Rain Badtale Studios 2017

One night, under a never stopping rain, Andrè La Croix, social worker, will head to the unsettling Lazarius Mansion, following the reading of a mysterious folder that informs him on some alleged abuses on little Adrien. A young boy lately given in care to the Lazarius family. What's hidden behind the mansion's inhabitants strange behavior? And what are those weird feelings that clutch his mind and make him suffer? Will he manage to face the horrors that await him? Or will he sink in them? Soon André will find out that in the house are hidden memories that will push him further in the contorted truths of the Mansion which, being centuries old, seems to have started having a life of its own. This is a Horror pixel-art adventure, inspired by the first classic point-and-click graphic adventures. We wanted to recreate the atmospheres of our favorite games, and add a little more action, thanks to the use of Quick time Events. Will you manage to take André to the end of his journey or help him discover all of the Lazarius Mansion's secrets? It's split into: Episode One (May 15), Episode Two (TBA).
Download: None currently available

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