Rabbit Story Viacheslav Bushuev 2017

This is an adventure game that offers a unique play experience: simple in controls and appealing to feelings. Its dramatic plot tells the player about relationship breakup and struggles, doubts and fears related to it. Along with emphasis on cute characters and vivid changing settings solid narrative creates the dark, immersive atmosphere that turns the game into a real psychological drama. Rabbit forgets about his friend Kitty’s birthday. One would think this could happen to anyone, right? But Kitty gets upset and leaves. Rabbit is devastated; to take his mind off this, he sets out on a journey and meets Doggy. Now when Rabbit has a new friend, suddenly Kitty comes back - and along comes the guilt. Features: Bright stylized picture, Laid-back gameplay, Uncommon storyline, World exploration and search for hidden carrots.
Download: None currently available

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