Puzzle Station: Revised Edition Ninai Games, Inc. 2001

From the makers of Alien Incident and Drop Mania, this game is undoubtedly one of the best puzzle games on this year. Arcade Game: You have to explode the amount of blocks the Block-Counter shows you before the Timer reaches zero. In the playfield four or more blocks together will explode away. The number of the exploded blocks will be subtracted from the Block-Counter, which shows you how many blocks need to be exploded before the stage is cleared. Your score will be counted after each stage. The total score will include the time bonus and the bonuses you have got by doing chain and combo tricks. The biggest bonuses you will get by doing chain tricks. Puzzle Game: Your goal is to clear the playfield from all the coloured blocks. The only thing that is limited in this game is the amount of drops. The Drop-Counter at the left shows you the amount of drops you have left to clear the stage. The only blocks that are allowed to be left on the playfield are rock and metal blocks. World / Stage Selection Screen In the screen of the PuzzleStation-console you have a "world/stage" selection screen, where you select the stage that you wish to play. When you have cleared at least three out of five stages of the world, the next world will open to you. There are 10 worlds in all. When the stage is cleared, it's marked with a star. Your personal hi-score is shown on the stage in question. Features: 50 Stages in the Arcade Game; 50 Stages in the Puzzle Game; 10 Different Worlds; 2 Modes of Play - Arcade and Puzzle; 5 Different Puzzle Station Consoles; Colourful Graphics and Cute Characters; Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.
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ISO Demo 98MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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