Fritz 11 ChessBase GmbH 2007

The new Fritz 11 has been vastly improved, compared to the version that beat the world champion. Its playing strength has improved by 80 Elo points. But it is also the entire package of new features that will impress chess fans. The program helps you with practical play, training and analysis, and does so in an entertaining way that fosters learning and understanding. The main Fritz database contains over one million games, ranging from the years 1625 to 2007 – from the early beginnings of chess history to the latest top-level tournaments. The revised and extended openings book is more diverse and better tuned to the strengths and preferences of Fritz. A complete new feature, the "magic eye", visualizes the thought processes of the engine on the 3D chessboard. You can directly follow the ideas that are going through the "mind" of the program.
ISO Demo 3.50GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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