Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition PopCap Games, Inc. 2007

This is a free version of Peggle Nights, as a promotional game for both the Peggle franchise and the MMORPG World of Warcraft. It is not the first time the Peggle franchise crosses over, previously Peggle Extreme was themed after The Orange Box and a basic version of the game can also be played inside the World of Warcraft client. Even though the basic gameplay is completely identical to Peggle Nights – controlling a cannon near the top of the screen to shoot balls in order to hit specific pegs, including the fever mode at the end of the game – the art is specifically themed after WoW with characters from the game and various references, as well as fitting introductions to the different stages. The game includes an Adventure mode with two stages of five levels each, Quick Play to play any of the unlocked levels, Duel for a two-player mode against a friend or the computer, and ten new tasks in the Challenge mode. There are also two characters to choose from and no further limitations to the gameplay.
Free Game 13.4MB (uploaded by CNET Download)

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