Bijou & Big Noah Vejvoda / Tiger Studios 2017

Made by a group of four Students graduating from Vancouver Film School's Game Design and Programming classes, this is a single-player, cooperative puzzle platform where the player takes control of two robots. Bijou, a small agile robot build for exploration, and Big, a large tank-like robot build for combat. The overall theme of the game is working together and the player will need to control both bots and use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and defeat the robotic wildlife together. This game also has a very "sandbox" theme to it, almost everything you find in the world can be interacted with or destroyed. Key Features: Unique Character abilities, Destructible environments, Explosive Combat, Puzzle solving, Cute cutscene cinematics, Multiple levels to explore, Taco Trees, Boss Battle, Lasers, Robots everywhere.
Free Game 408MB (uploaded by VFS)

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