Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan I-Play / iWin.com 2008

Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan is an hidden object game and also the sequel to Dream Day First Home. Each level has a list of the objects randomly selected, that you have to find in a limited time. When you have one, you have to click on it. Now, it's up to Jenny and Robert, our star couple in the previous games of the series, to help friends of their to prepare their own wedding who will take place in Manhattan. You can choose if you prefer to help for the one in funky Greenwich Village or for the other on the sophisticated Upper East Side. You have also the return of the feature "Wedding Crisis", a special test of skill, involving items already found but not in the same place and also, the return of the unlockable "Honeymoon" level.
Included in Dream Day Collection ISO Demo 542mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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