Deus Vult raptor lab 2017

Early Access Release Fight against other medieval warriors all around the world. This is an online medieval fighting game which uses cutting-edge weapon physics to make you feel like a real knight. The numerous weapons available have each their own behaviour and fighting style: you can keep your enemy at distance with a spear or destroy him at close range with an axe, protect yourself with a shield or take the risk to fight with two swords. You can defy players online in 1vs1 best of 5 medieval battles. As your level increases, you will unlock a wide choice of weapons and learn to master each of them to slay your opponents. You can customize your hero and take a break from the intense combat to chat with your brave rivals in the tavern. You will discover epic landscapes and a world full of mystery where you will FIGHT FOR GLORY! Features: Full character customization ( body, clothes, and armor); Online matchmaking; A social tavern where you can meet other players; Physics based online combat system; 12 maps; 14 weapons with specific gameplays; AI fighting with 4 levels of difficulty so that you can train yourself for the real duels.
Download: None currently available

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