Sorgina: A Tale of Witches Binary Soul 2017

It's a family friendly, puzzle solving and platforming adventure. Join a young witch apprentice in her quest against the lord of darkness and help her dispel the shadows from the witches' kingdom. Sharpen your wit and use her magic powers to overcome every obstacle and solve every puzzle on the way to completing her mission. Based on different legends and myths of the Basque Country, our heroine will travel across locations based on real landmarks and will meet different characters from local folklore. Mari, mother earth and queen of nature, Basajaun, the noble guardian of the forest, and many more. Key features: Family friendly puzzles and adventures; Get to know a different kind of mythology; Travel through beautiful levels inspired by real locations of the Basque Country; Unlock and combine different spells to solve puzzles of ascending difficulty; Lowpoly art-style with vibrant and beautiful colors; Over 30 achievements for those who want a greater challenge. Explore the lands, meet the protectors of the realm and recover all your skills to enlarge, reduce, move, freeze or dematerialize every obstacle. You'll need to use them wisely to solve the challenges ahead. It's specially aimed at younger players who will find its puzzles more challenging and will learn about a land and mythology they probably never heard about. It can be played both in English, Spanish and also in Basque Language (Euskera)
Download: None currently available

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