Across The Moment Andrei Romanov 2017

Atmospheric episodic adventure; the puzzle filled with reflections on the Genesis of mankind. Plunge into the unusual world of the Socio-philosophical fiction and look at life from a different angle. Day by day my life looks more more like stupid dream. It seems to last forever. Rare flashes of hope bring some new plots, but it is still a part of a dream. It become clear for me - new life wouldn't come with the new Monday. Not even if I promised it to myself. Even if number of these promises bigger then number of Mondays in my life. So, I just making my way, accepting as it is. Of course I tried to change something in my life. Amount of alcohol in blood on Fridays, or a shop on the way at work. The last thing you remember is a car accident. Opening your eyes, you find yourself in a strange world. Maybe you're sleeping? Or is it coma? Maybe you're just someone lost idea? Or easier, you died? Answering these and other questions, you have to pass twelve worlds. Game feature: Find 8 masks. Each with its own character, the purposes, and requests. 4 of them give new abilities. Find out the history 12 worlds, each of which is devoted to the theme: ecology, technology, religion, sex, war, money. The game has many items, some can be found, others are obtained by combining, and some create from the collected resources and schemes. In each level, you will have to make at least one choice that will entail changes in the development of the plot, and opens or closes the opportunity to get in some locations. There are four episodes. Each next will be released 4 months after the previous one.
Download: None currently available

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