Velvet Express, The Artmunk Games 2008

This is an highly interactive 3D virtual sex simulator situated in the 30's of the past century. Inspired on the golden age of luxury rail travel, it encompasses a myriad of sexual encounters to suit all tastes. Due to the enhanced 3D animation system, the experience is erotic, magical and distinctive every time you embark. Watch, Play and Record. It allows you to record your experiences effortlessly. The resulting movie clips are compatible with common movie editing software. It's an intoxicating combination of interactive sex, wicked positions and timeless settings. You will meet four distinctive female characters, each featuring their own ambiance and sexual peculiarities. The sex is interactive, this means you don't just select a sex position and watch the animation, you can actually influence the animation by using the enhanced animation system. The combination of animation and realtime physics results in a highly lifelike feeling to the sexual encounters. There are nearly 60 sex positions to choose from, from the regular missionary to the more "gymnastic" ones. Besides the three different male characters, four different females, the game features also a sexdoll and some SM furniture. Sex is diverse, engaging and sometimes very kinky. One of the core features of the game is the possibility to record your own movies. You can select the sex positions, the scenery and the models you like, setup the camera and start recording. Recorded clips are rendered to AVI and run directly in most viewers or editors like Windows Media Player(tm) and Windows Movie Maker(tm). It is easy to publish user created movies on the internet but check your host's Terms of Use before posting sexual material online.
Full Demo 124MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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