Casino Deluxe 2 Impressions Games / Sierra Entertainment 1996

Beat the Odds ... to a Pulp! The Dealer is waiting.. Hit or hold? Split or quit? Then a little voice tells you .. 'double down'. You flip your cards and double your bet as a smile slowing creeps across your face. Welcome to Casino Deluxe 2. Where you face the intensity, allure and passion of authentic casino gambling - with a secret weapon - on-screen professional advice. Whether you're a beginner or just need advice now and then, the game's winning strategies give you the help you need - when you need it. Who knows? You may even beat Lady Luck at her own game. Features: On-screen Professional Advice is like having a casino expert right by your side; 3D SVGA graphics, movie quality music, and dealer voices add to the realism; Player friendly interface, so even beginners can start winning right away; 18 Great Games including Pai Gow and Red Dog Poker; Includes FREE laptop version on CD.
ISO Demo 93MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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