3001: A Reading & Math Odyssey Gem Media / Maxis 1995

Become a Hero in an Intriguing Adventure Through Space and Time in the year 3001. You are a hero on the planet Zarpharon and your mission is to save your planet from environmental ruin. The problem is an unknown traitor an Zarpharon's ruling council. The plan is to travel back in time to ancient Greece, Planet Earth. The goal is to retrieve missing parts of Gratia machine which maintains Zarpharon's ecological balance and identify the traitor. Math Topics: Arithmetic, Fractions, Reducing Fractions, Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions, Decimals, Convert Decimals to Fractions & Vice Versa, Convert Decimals to Percents & Vice Versa, Simple Equations, Powers, Roots, Perimeters, Circumference, Areas. Educational Benefits: Boosts Reading Comprehension; Teaches Greek Mythology; Builds Logic Skills; Develops a Solid Roundation in Pre-Algebra. Special Features: Thousands of Math Problems; Tutorial Screens for Math HElp; 3 Difficulty Levels of Math; 57 Greek Myths; 4 Levels of Gameplay; Stunning Morph FX; 500 Megabyte Application; Over 15,000 Frames of Animation; Original Music Soundtrack and FX; 3-D Rendered Graphics & Animation.
ISO Demo 500MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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