3 Days: Zoo Mystery Realore Studios 2009

Anna receives a phone call from her uncle Ben, the manager of her family's zoo, telling that some of the animals were recently stolen and that he's unable to attend to the situation because he's stuck in China. She goes to the place and starts an investigation, searching all the surrounding buildings and interviewing people to gather clues about the mysterious crime. 3 Days: Zoo Mystery is a hidden object game with elements from the adventure genre. As the main character, the player has to investigate several places, shown as screen backgrounds with little animation. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click all the items shown as images on the slots at the bottom of the screen. The cursor changes shape when hovering over an interactive part of the scenery. It becomes a hand when passing over a scene object that can be dragged and moved out of the way, usually revealing one of the required items hidden underneath it. Some objects are stored in the inventory at the right side, and have to be used to solve puzzles by dragging and dropping them on parts of the scenery or other characters. Most locations have more than one gameplay variation, where the player has to find several instances of the same object and put back missing items. Some portions of the scene bring up a separate screen with a puzzle, that can be an implementation of classic games like a Tower of Hanoi with plates, word search, sliding tiles puzzles and more original ones. The hint button shows the position of one of the required objects, but takes some time to recharge after use.
Full Demo 45.7MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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