Adventures of Robinson Crusoe MagicIndie Softworks / eGames, Inc. 2010

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is a hidden object game based on Daniel Defoe's classic novel. As the famous castaway, most of the time the goal is to find all the objects listed on the screens filled with assorted paraphernalia. There's an option at the beginning of playing with less hints and an overall time limit. With each complete location, Robinson wins an upgrade to his boat, being constructed at the beach shore. Some puzzles appear occasionally on the locations, taking place on a separate screen. They range from variations of classic games like concentration and jigsaw puzzles, to more original ones that have to be solved using logic and lateral-thinking. At the beginning of most locations, the player has to find several instances of the same object. After that, the list of required objects appears, with some of the items scribbled in blue. These blue entries are marked this way to indicate the necessity of an extra step to gain access to them. This step can be only to look inside a container to find them, or use one of the inventory objects in some part of the scenery. The inventory objects are scattered on the screen as well, but their names are displayed when hovering the cursor over them. The hint button makes most of the screen dim, leaving a spot to show the position of one of the objects. Extra hints can be added by clicking on any inscription found on the locations.
ISO Demo 106MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 87.9MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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