Deep Blue Sea II The Game Equation / ak tronic Software & Services GmbH 2011

In Deep Blue Sea II, the players take on the role Melissa, who is searching for her missing sister and the lost island of Avalonia. During the journey, more divers will join the crew and act as playable characters. Each character have the two basic stats oxygen (determines who long a character can dive) and treasury (how fast that character collects money). In addition, each character has different special abilities which can be used in Match-3-levels. In the Match-3-levels the player has to match the different sea creature symbols so that artifacts can reach an exit at the bottom of the screen. After some levels, the player gets an amulet, which can rotate the screen. After the completion of a level, the used diver gets experience points and may raise a level, which supports the diver with a new special ability. Besides the Match-3-levels the player can play hidden-objects levels, which are awarded with gold or equipment. With the gold the player can buy equipment in the island shops. This equipment can be used in the Match-3-levels, but the number of the equipment slots as well the the amount of equipment itself is limited.
included in Deep Blue Sea 2 Pack ISO Demo 180mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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