Mysteryville 2 NevoSoft / GameHouse, Inc. 2007

Writer Laura Winner has psychic powers, aided by her spirit guide Dong Li. She has no intention of using them when she visits old friend Bill Witowski, in the sleepy town of Eurekaberg. However, when Bill is not in his room and proves hard to locate, she is drawn into a mysterious web. As Winner, you must solve the mystery by travelling through various locations (starting in your hotel, progressing onto places such as a church and a forest home), clearing pre-set puzzle screens. Most are variants of the object-finding gameplay style. Move your mouse cursor around the room clicking on the objects you are instructed to find, to remove them from the screen. A 'hint' feature is available to locate a specific object - after use this is disabled until it has charged back up. On most of these levels, you are shown silhouetted pictures of the objects (3 at a time), on others you are given their names (5 at a time), and on others you must find all variants of a specific object, such as crystals and keys. Persistant random clicks result in a time penalty. Additional level types are included. Winner will sometimes use her psychic powers to produce a different view of a level - use this to spot all the differences between the two, by moving a symmetrical cursor. One level requires you to shuffle words around to assemble a note written by Witowski (who has severe dyslexia), and another involves swapping blocks around to assemble a 5x5 picture.
ISO Demo 449MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 21MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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