Calm Waters Tayanna Studios 2017

Peter Taylor's wife is dead. One day he decided to take a vacation abroad. He arrives at a small, quiet coastal town where tourists are sparse and everybody knows each other. It's only when he notices people are going missing and all the signs point to a dark, mysterious island out to sea that he decides to team up with local journalist Michelle and terrified-yet-adventure-seeking waiter Glenn to go and investigate. What secrets does the island hold? What are the locals hiding? And what's causing those blood-curdling screams that seem to be coming from that mysterious island in the dead of night? This is a 2D classic point and click thriller/mystery/horror influenced by the likes of Lost and Twin Peaks. Features: Professional voice actors; Full 1080p HD 2D pre-rendered backgrounds; Intriguing characters; An immersive story full of twists and turns; An atmospheric soundtrack. Apart from the voice actors and music, the entire game was created by one developer over the space of 6 years.
Download: None currently available

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