Duo Princess EasyGameStation 2003

This is an action style game that features 2 selectable characters (Mint and Maya) from Squaresoft’s PS1 RPG , Threads of Fate. Mint has close range attacks while Maya uses long range magic. Both acquire different unique spells throughout the game that use MP, which regenerates after a short amount of time. There are a total of 7 stages, each ending with a boss battle. It looks and plays a lot like the later-generation Ys titles (Ark of Napishtim, Oath in Felghana, Origin), featuring sprite based characters on top of polygonal backgrounds. The visuals are pretty simplistic and the controls aren't quite as fast nor as tight, but otherwise it feels strikingly similar. However, compared to Ys, or even Threads of Fate, it's more of a straight-up brawler than an RPG. Although you gain health and magic extends after completing each stage, there are no experience levels, and thus no reason to kill most enemies outside of increasing your score. There are a few areas where the screen stops and you need to take out certain enemies to proceed, but otherwise, you can get through most parts of the level simply by jumping to the end. When bad guys are killed, they explode in a mess of gems, which are automatically drawn to your character. It's a cool little effect reminiscent of any number of arcade shoot-em-ups. There really isn't much to the gameplay other than charging forward and bashing enemies. You can play as either Mint or Maya - Mint uses close range attacks while Maya uses long range magic bursts. Both have access to different sets of spells that are useful for clearing out large hordes of enemies. These all drain MP, although it regenerates quickly. Unlike the health bonuses, you need to explore a tiny bit off the main path to find additional magic spells, although they're never actually hidden.
Full Demo 80MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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