Minds Eyes Stanislaw Truchowski / TurnVex 2016

This brings you to a world of dreams. You wake up from your slumber to constantly discover you are still asleep. You venture throughout your own home as well as some pieces of your imagination to discover who or what is keeping you at sleep. Will you ever wake up? will you ever finish the journey? Venture through tense full moments of a chilling and nerve wrecking atmosphere that will keep you wondering "When will something happen!". Interact with the game and collect game objects which will overall affect your score in the end. Can you locate all game items?, can you make it without a single death? Check what the mind has in store. This game is to be played with a single sitting. The estimated game time is 30-45min. It experiments with new mechanics, features, animations, interactions, and more.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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