Sherlock Holmes 1-3 Carmel Games 2014

Sherlock Holmes: The Tea Shop Murder Mystery (July 25) To Sherlock Holmes, Mr T was always the Tea Shop owner. This chronicler has seldom heard him mentioned under any other name, most likely to prevent confusion with the Rocky III guy. In his eyes he eclipsed and predominated the whole of his tea-making profession. So it was to our mutual dismay when Police Inspector Jason Bartholomew came round and informed us of his ghastly murder. The poor man had apparently been drowned in a giant cup of his own tea.And not even the good stuff. This cannot stand. Come, the game is afoot in this short point-and-click adventure. Sherlock Holmes 2 (May 8/2015) It's murder most foul but who the cops think dunnit insists he's innocent, even though his cane was found at the scene of the crime. Who would want to frame a fire alarm salesman for murder, and why? Your cursor will change when it passes over something you can interact with, and as you explore the few areas around London you have access to, you'll find a lot of things to click on. Remember that you can occasionally combine items in your inventory by clicking first one, then the other if you're stuck. It's more silly than serious, with plenty of strange moments and odd puzzles to contend with, despite not being particularly long or difficult. Sherlock Has a Clue (Mar 22/2017) Mr. Dawkins of the Dawkins manor has departed the land of the living before his time, and it's up to you to find justice (And maybe the body, which is somehow not readily apparent).Despite several potential witnesses including Miss Bleach, Colonel Ketchup, and Professor Grape in close proximity, each seems to have a convenient case of anterograde amnesia regarding the incident. Even so, being a great detective should help to make this case somewhat elementary indeed.
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