Tonka Garage Hasbro Interactive 1998

Children service today's vehicles and design tomorrow's. Theres plenty to be done at Tonka Garage Headquarters. Tonka Joe needs your child's help to run the shop. Get them under the hood in the Repair Shop. Have them fill up at the gas station, design their own custom vehicles in the design center, and then show their designs off in the show room. They can even take a test drive at the test track or blast cars at the junkyard. There are nine exciting places to explore at Tonka Garage. Wherever they go, Tonka Joe and the rest of the garage team know they can count on them. Features: Children design and build custom vehicles in the Tonka Design Center; Fix engines and dents in the Repair Shop; Crash test your vehicles; Give vehicles a finishing touch in the Paint Shop; With the Tonka Joe Print Center they can print with pride; Create digital 3D vehicle trading cards; Print personalized decals, ID badges and award certificates; Print magazine covers featuring their vehicles; Print and color favorite Tonka Garage characters. Recommended for Ages 5 and up.
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ISO Demo 108MB (uploaded by anabate123)

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