Konung 2: Continuing The Legend / Konung 2.5 [Ru] 1C Company 2004

This game was developed by the fans of the Action / RPG "Konung 2: Blood of the Titans", being originally an amateur modifications, it was subsequently published in Russia in a meaningful way as a full-blown standalone sequel game in the series but in fact it is not. Key features of the game: The original story, unfolding in the period between the events described in the previous games of the series "Konung" and "Konung 2"; A new race - a clan of desert Yellow Dog; New objects - buildings, trees, and other landscape elements that allowed the game to recreate not only the harsh northern face of forest land, but also the colorful world of the southern lands; 100 more gaming locations; game pause, during which can be checked and changed military orders, operate the ammunition, and so on and so forth; A new feature for the protagonist - a reputation that varies depending on the character of perfect things. Reputation has an impact on the dialogue, a way to solve some of the quest assignments and attitudes toward other hero characters; Several different versions of the game end.
included in Konung Trilogy - Russian ISO Demo 2.63GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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