Blood & Gold: The Zombiest Adventures ORGS Studio / Snowbird Games 2017

Welcome to The Zombiest Adventures in this DLC for Blood & Gold. What would happen if a zombie apocalypse had occurred in 1650? The world now consists only of the settlements of the few surviving colonizers of America, band of marauders, the risen Aztec empire and wild hordes of the living dead. Controlling a small group of survivors, you will have to do road robbery, hunting for gunpowder and constant search for food. As a bonus, you can also fly in an air balloon and shoot mobs of ghouls with a machine gun-musket. Key features: Survival and moral choice - hunger is able to kill off the player and his group in a week. Continuous search for food will inevitably face the player before tough moral questions. When it's about surviving, is there any place for good and evil? Global threat and dynamic world - the zombie invasion isn't static, it's ongoing. If the player is not active enough, the world will see its end. Insane world - eighteenth century met with zombies and spawned crazy factions - neo-Aztecs, ultra-Catholics, psycho circus actors and marauding gangs will decide who's most raving mad of them all.
Download: None currently available

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