Ancient Secrets: Quest for the Golden Key GameHouse, Inc. 2008

Kate receives a piece of an ancient key from her father, a famous archaeologist. She must fly around the world to find the remaining pieces of the artifact. Ancient Secrets: Quest for the Golden Key is an adventure game with hidden object portions. Most of the time, the objective is to explore the surroundings, talking with other characters and solving puzzles that take place on separate screens. The player moves from place to place by placing the cursor on a part of the scenery, usually something very obvious like a path or a door. In some locations, it is necessary to find all the objects from a list before resuming the game. A task list tab at the bottom shows all the pending tasks. Objects that bring up puzzles screens have a golden puzzle piece icon over them. The puzzles range from implementations of classic games like concentration, jigsaw puzzles and Pipe Dream, to more original ones. Characters that can talk have a speech balloon with an exclamation point above their heads. The bottom tray also stores any key object, serving as the inventory. It works like in any adventure game, the player can drag and drop the objects on portions of the screen to solve puzzles.
ISO Demo 132MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Full Demo 72MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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