Animal Agents GmbH / Masque Publishing, Inc. 2008

Animal Agents is a hidden object game. Basically, the game is a series of cluttered screens with a list of objects to be clicked. Most of the time the list have words, but sometimes they are replaced by the silhouette of the objects. In later stages instead of words the game shows a list of sounds that the object makes. Each stage has an overall time limit, displayed at the top-left of the screen. Besides the objects, power-ups can be collected and stored in slots at the bottom. They are presented as emblems with icons: the magnifying glass highlights one object, binoculars show the position of several objects at once for a limited time, X2 doubles the points received for finding objects, || stops the timer for a while and a clock gives extra time. The game can be played from the perspective of two characters, each with its own plotline. After completing each story, the player can go back to the locations in puzzle mode, where the objective is to find all the objects as fast as possible.
Full Demo 74MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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