Room Tribute, The Tom Fulp, Jeff Bandelin, Chris O'Neill 2010

This is a fan made game on Newgrounds based off the movie The Room, a cult film renowned for being terrible. The game takes place just a few minutes or so before the movie starts. Johnny just got done working at the bank when suddenly, an earthquake commences, causing chaos and destruction throughout San Fransisco. Johnny, however, is unharmed and goes on with his life just like in the movie. You will be able to go through the entire story of The Room. The script, sans a few added lines and a few things not ever in the movie, is very accurately re-made in this "tribute". Point and click your way through a day's worth of chores and read incomprehensibly inane dialogue. The gameplay is in a point-and-click style with minor RPG and quick time events styles as well. Also, there are 10 spoons that you can collect within the game.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Newgrounds)

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