Lost Paradise [Ru] Magnamedia 2003

Anyone with a favorite activity, can fill your life with positive energy. He can overlook falling on his head and other troubles to look at them with different eyes. Passing the game, you will be able to evaluate yourself differently. You become a different person, more confident. You will appreciate all the surroundings. It's for those who love to spend time in the logic "battles." You forget all the other mini games for kids, this game will appeal to all and will be a wonderful pastime. You will not only use all their ingenuity, therefore, work out a logical and creative thinking, but also enjoy the beautiful graphics and musical accompaniment. Unforeseen events throw two young people of the opposite sex on the coveted and unattainable for many, "Paradise" dream island. It plunges us into the world of cargo shorts, sandy beaches, and coconut palms. And, of course, tanned attractive young women in colorful bikinis and without them, which is literally dotted with all the beaches of the resort. The main objective in the game as close as possible is to introduce the two main characters, which in the beginning will experience in relation to each other is not the warmest feelings. To do this they will need to get to an elite party for select guests of the mysterious island. Where it is rumored that it embodies the most secret desires and fantasies. The way to get to the party, each of the characters choose their own, to the best of their ability and capacity. Where you cannot pass by rough masculine strength and impeccable logic, it may well help to use the feminine charm and a little trick. As the game progresses the characters will be constantly exposed to various erotic and funny situations. Some of them have to get out, while others resolve themselves. Such as the search for pirate treasure, erotic photography, the rescue of the distressed aircraft, and many other equally exciting and juicy adventures. Just the main characters have to deal with numerous and colorful characters. The buxom lustry Stacy and Tracy, who dream to become models, a photographer with an rare elephant breed, a rollicking crew of an aircraft and, of course, the mysterious and sexy Miss Jones, owner of the island. Features: Management of two independent from each other characters; Beautiful erotic scenes; More than 50 gaming locations; A lot of humor; A variety of candid dialogues and monologues; Low complexity and consistency of all the actions performed; Game is made in a high resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels.
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Russian ISO Demo 271MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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