Star Trigon Namco Limited 2009

This is an arcade game originally released in 2002, and much later ported to other platforms. The main character is Susumu Hori, also the protagonist of Namco's Mr. Driller series. The whole game is played with one button or trigger mechanism, used to eject an astronaut from a planet to another. Each level is a perimeter of space, showing planets and yellow creatures floating and asking for help. The astronaut keeps circling fast around one of the planets as if caught by its gravity field, and pressing the button at the right moment throws the spaceman towards another planet, leaving a line behind marking the trajectory. The main objective is to use the character to rescue the creatures, by connecting three lines to create a protective triangle net around them. The amount of air left is shown as meter at the top, always depleting and acting as a timer to complete the missions. Power-ups appear randomly on the field. The red P triangle pulls the creatures to the rescue net. The yellow triangle makes the lines last longer. The air supplies, shown as capsules with varying amounts of air inside, replenish the meter at the top. The grey jetpack slows the astronaut, while its color version makes the movement faster. In the arcade mode, the player can select one of the available characters, each with different speeds and air capacity. In the story mode, a plot is developed and shown as cutscenes between the missions.
Namco All-Stars: Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Star Trigon - Full Demos (provided by basseta & upped by Scaryfun) 54MB

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