Riddle School / Riddle Transfer Jonochrome 2006

Riddle School (May) The simple little parody adventure game that would grow to have over 2 million hits on Newgrounds. Your goal is to solve basic puzzles to escape school, like any student would probably do if that didn't have serious consequences. It's a relatively silly game that reflected opinions of school in a sarcastic manner. It's made with ActionScript. Riddle School 2 (Nov) is widescreen, giving the artwork more depth and detail, adding more variety to the puzzles, and generally making the game longer and more interesting to play. The core concept was the same, except instead of elementary school, the game takes place in middle school. Riddle School 3 (Mar/2008) This game has additional cutscenes and a satisfying ending. Riddle School 4 (Apr/2010) This one has mild violence, mild blood, and moderate dark themes. Riddle School 5 (Apr/2010) This one's motivation was to surprise everyone with a completely new experience that the previous games hadn't offered. It's an adventure game that legitimately required you to think logically to beat it, rather than be able to resort to trial-and-error. It's also the most cinematic project. Riddle Transfer (Jun/2011) starts right where Riddle School 5 left off, as all the characters are abducted by a facility known as Zone 5.1. Contrary to popular belief, Zone 5.1 is supposed to be an independent organization that isn't affiliated with the government and was obviously based on Area 51. Riddle Transfer 2 (May/2016) Released on the tenth anniversary of Riddle School, it's the definitive ending to the story of Riddle School.Return to Riddle School (May/2016) was a fan remake by Noodle of the first game.
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