Toffee Trouble in Creamville Miez and cat 2016

When the mayor leaves town and Toffee is in charge of Creamville, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This not your common 'muffin meets bagle' rom-com. Being a dunkin' funride throughout, this is a coming-of-age story of a young female dessert. What makes this one-month-accomplishment stand out is its unmatched quality and pure love for freeware adventure-making. It won Best Freeware Game Created with AGS 2016. The creative work by Dutch illustrator Miez with additional art by cat is a real treat: Warm and lush colors, yet never oversaturated. Impressive special fx! Original and tasty characters, especially the yummy female lead. With blending digital handdrawings and pixel mousework so well together... what talent. There's humorous puns and catchy dialogue, relaxing to read with the colored font. Puzzles are easy to tackle for beginners, but have an absurd and anarchic twist as in 'Sam and Max'. In other words, some deal with exploring, socializing, not giving up, and some require a little mindwork, e.g. 'open locked door with candystick'. Still being all logical in respect to the physics laws of a sweet shop. The antagonist, a melting inferno by 100% cacao butter, is both a little frightening as well as exciting, well suited for young players. And you feel rewarded and surprised by the grand finale.
Free Game 40MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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