Obscure: Challenge Your Mind RoboDev 2017

Early Access Release A first-person puzzle-platformer adventure that will take you into the depths of a little boy's imagination and his inner conflicts. Dreams. What are dreams actually? Do we really know? Let me tell you of an orphan boy, barely remembering his own mother and father. A subject of bullying since young age and living in a dirty, old orphanage. That was his prison. This is where he tried the unthinkable twice, just to escape from it. Until one cold night in November he dreamed it. He dreamed a green meadow, covered in flowers on a sunny day. The birds were singing, there was a sound of running water nearby and a gentle, female voice was calling him from a white, wooden house. "It could not be her", he says to himself while dreaming. But it was her. His mother was standing on the doorstep, looking for him. From that moment, he started coming to that house every night hoping that he will speak with his parents and that maybe, he will find out why they left him when he was still a baby. At least that was what he was thinking in the morning, remembering this colorful magic dream, that he had the night before. That was his escape. There he was free. It's inspired by the beauty of games such as "Journey", "Abzu" and "The Witness".
Download: None currently available

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