Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Marvelous AQL / XSEED Games 2017

This is another installment of the third-person perspective action games subseries of the Fate franchise, which after a longer break returns. The action takes place after events from Fate/EXTRA PSP game. As the previous war comes to an end, the supercomputer Moon Cell Automaton takes over the world and sends the players to a digital kingdom known as SE.RA.PH., where they have to fight one more battle for freedom. Mechanics slightly resemble productions from the Dynasty Warriors series. During gameplay you control one of 16 characters known as Servants – there are both some new and old characters. Each of the aforementioned figures possesses unique, great powers that you can use in combat with tens (or even hundreds) of enemies at the same time. In contrast to the other titles in the franchise, representing either jRPG or visual novel genres, this production features fast and spectacular action in the form of a hack-and-slash.
Download: None currently available

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