Tiger Mask Tiger Hit: Typing Tiger's Hole [J] SSI TriStar 2002

A typing tutor based on the TV anime "Tiger Mask". It consists of 6 episodes from "Yellow Devil" to the last episode "Beyond Glory", and the player plays a special training on touch typing as a Tiger mask Naoto Date. "Piston iron balls of death" to train reflexes, "Dead heavy oil pool" to train endurance "Dead Road Runner", "Death's tightrope walking" to train accuracy. Correct input speed for each question , And "magazine hole" that can check data such as the number of mistypes. Besides that, with "Tiger batting story mode" you can perform a typing foul fight while receiving support from Antonio Inogi and Giant Baba against the masked wrestlers such as Lion Man, Golden Mask, Mr. No. Up to 3 user settings, detailed data of each stage can be saved, besides using animated version film during game, write down image added. Includes more than 20000 questions.
Japanese MDX image ISO Demo 606MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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