Jumpin' Jack GULNY Games / Alawar Entertainment, Inc. 2008

The story in this game is about Timbergrotes which are yellow, muppet-like creatures who live in hollowed-out trees. The main character is Jack, a jovial fellow who wears a hardhat and overalls and has a large family with his loving wife. When their happiness gets the attention of demons, who'd rather everyone be unhappy, they decide to kidnap the family while Jack is at work. Jack sets off to rescue them and stop the demons from hurting anyone else. This is a side-scrolling, arcade platform game that has all of the typical elements of the genre. Run, jump, slide, bounce and tumble Jack through the scenery to find all of his family members. The colorful levels have coins, jewels and hearts to collect as well as bonus items. Hidden treasure can be found in barrels and crates, plus in secret caches. Enemies can be destroyed with a solid bump on their heads, sliding into them, or mowing them down with boulders or bombs. Bonus items appear when they're needed most to help with special sections of the levels. When Jack dies with at least one life remaining, the game starts again at the beginning of a section. When all lives are lost, the entire level must be replayed. The game features 30 levels spanning seven worlds, a high score table and an original musical score.
Full Demo v2 42MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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