Yearn2Learn: Master Snoopy's Math Image Smith 1994

Three activities for young children to enhance math skills. Each features the Charles M. Schulz characters. For Pre-school to grade 3. It features voice narration and three learning components including Darts, Cookie Time and Great Pumpkin Patch. Difficulty settings are adjustable to accommodate the age of your child. The Darts game involves throwing two or three darts at a numbered board and a second player can be added for a little multiplayer challenge. Once the darts have been thrown, players add their scores and whoever has the most points is declared the winner. Additionally, there's a scoring bar that tests skills on ten basic math problems connected with this module. In the Great Pumpkin Patch game, Linus needs help in weighing various sized pumpkins. When he throws pumpkins on the scale, the player must match the different sizes with a legend explaining the different weights. Again, there's a scoring bar that tests addition and multiplication skills with questions involving total scale weight. If answered correctly, the player is awarded a star while incorrect answers earn an X. At the end of the test, Snoopy accumulates the score with a percentage of correct answers. Finally, Cookie Time provides a lesson on sharing. Charlie Brown and his friends are ready to indulge in some freshly baked cookies but, alas, they can't decide how many cookies each should receive. With varying amounts of cookies on each character's plate, the scoring bar asks multiplication questions based on how many friends there are and how many cookies each has. The game also uses basic division problems to further mathematical abilities.
ISO Demo 148MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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