Math Ace: Grand Prix Edition Sanctuary Woods Multimedia / KidSoft 1995

For kids aged 8-14, Math Ace helps children with critical thinking, problem solving, recall/memory, reasoning skills, discovery learning, and developing curiosity. Put your kids on the road to better math skills. Imagine your kids racing home to do their math. When a program combines video-style game play with solid, school-based curriculum, it could happen faster than you think. It makes solving math problems less of a problem. 11 Essential concepts - Helpful instruction lets kids concentrate on a particular subject, such as multiplication. Fractions - Kids can practice math concepts at their own speed, thanks to the programs 16 game levels. Basic computation and probability. The program's racing-themed games even make concepts like probability easy to understand. Algebra and geometry - With more than 3,000 questions, kids get a head-start (or can brush-up) on advanced subjects. Kids are motivated to practice when it means driving in a Grand Prix race. Learning skills: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, Decimals, Charts/Graphs, Real World, Probability.
ISO Demo 72MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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