Zwuggels, The: A Beach Holiday Adventure for Kids Ploosh GmbH 2017

Let your kid ( 4 years and older ) join the Zwuggels on an amazing trip in this interactive Summer adventure that was first on mobiles in 2016. The children help the Zwuggels prepare for their trip to the beach for their summer vacation. Once landed on the tropical island, they quickly learn about the mysterious pirate cats and soon take part in an exciting treasure hunt. Winner of PAEDI 2016 Award for outstanding children's software (Munich, Germany). Concept qualified for funding by the State of Bavaria's Film Fund (FFF). Each chapter is a unique game, with its own mechanic that motivates kids. First, they get to know their new friends as they help them with activities like climbing a cliff, feeding their little baby monster, or helping them with their school work. The next day, the Zwuggels leave for vacation. Time to pack their bags. In the morning, they make sandwiches and soon fly the airship through a mighty storm and eventually make it to their destination. At the ocean, they set up beach chairs, learn to put on sunscreen, and then simply relax, building a sandcastle. The calm ends when they find a message in a bottle from a stranded cat. A boat must be found, repaired and painted. Together they fend off sharks, go fishing, feed dolphins, tickle turtles and find the marooned cat. Will they find the legendary treasure? Playing the many mini-games, each with their own unique interactions, your children discover the story at their own speed. Features: Topics - Summer Vacation, Holidays, Beach, as well as Pirates and Treasures; No violence whatsoever; 36 chapters with creative mini-games; An enchanting tale, written in fun rhyming style, similar to nursery rhymes; Many animals, contains girls and boys as characters; For ages 4-8, toddlers, preschoolers. A great way to encourage early readers; Perfect as a bedtime story - Play one chapter per day; Beautifully illustrated by German picture book illustrator Stefan Leuchtenberg; Translated to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian.
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