Princess Isabella 2: Return of the Curse Gogii Games / Avanquest Software, Strategy First 2013

One year on and Princess Isabella and her family believe they are now safe from the evil witch's spell - but she's back and this time ready to cause move havoc than before. This time she's captured Princess Isabella's child and cast a spell over the whole kingdom in the process. Save the kingdom and follow the witch's evil path back to her lair. Defeat her for the last time with the help of your trusted fairy sidekick and a new friend you meet along the way. You saved the castle, can you save your kingdom? Features: 130 haunting scenes to navigate; 6 eerie chapters to complete; Travel to witch's lair; Meet new creatures that will help you in your misson to locate the witch.
Trial Demo 329MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 711MB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Collector's Edition - ISO Demo 2.24GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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