Between the Worlds Applied Systems Ltd. / 2008

In the course of an investigation, a Los Angeles police detective meets a sorcerer and uncovers his plot to take control of the city. Between the Worlds is a hidden object game, where the player has to search locations cluttered with objects, clicking the ones listed at the left side of the screen within a time limit. Incorrect clicks remove 60 seconds from the timer. Sixteen pieces of an amulet must be retrieved. They are locked inside containers on the screen, and the number of the available hidden pieces is listed below the inventory. Mini-games and bonus stages appear between the chapters. They are variations of classic games like concentration, jigsaw puzzles and mazes. The bonus stages are inspired by classic videogames like Galaga (where the ship is replaced by the wizard's wand).
Full Demo 61MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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