Born Into Darkness PoBros Inc / GameHouse, Inc. 2010

Nathaniel Black joins the vampire Amber Blythe on a treasure hunt around the world, where they must follow the clues left on artifacts and ancient tombs to retrieve the lost Shroud of Lazarus. Born Into Darkness is a hidden object game with adventure elements, where the main objective is to find all pieces of inventory items, to assemble and use them later. The interface tray at the bottom shows the silhouettes of the required objects whose parts are scattered around the location. As in most point-and-click titles, the player moves between scenes by clicking on obvious exit hotspots like doors and other openings. The silhouettes can be selected to show the all the parts necessary to complete the object. Once assembled, the item can be dragged and dropped from the inventory to a logical portion of the scenery to solve puzzles or perform certain actions. The inventory is framed by blue and red hint jewels and medallions for each main character. There are slots for six jewels that highlight the position of one of the required parts when activated, showing only pieces for silhouettes that match their colors. Extra hints can be earned by selecting one of the medallions to play a mini-game. On Nathaniel's mini-game, the goal is to find and click on the words listed at the top of the medallion on a pile of juxtaposed text at the center. On Amber's mini-game, the player has to click on the flying ghost whose portrait appears on slots at the side of the medallion.
Full Demo v1.0 125MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 133MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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