Eco-Kid: Rescate en el Ártico Ediciones MagoS.L. / Island Dream Games & Soft 1997

Rescue in the Arctic is the first of a series of arcade games with ecological themes starring Eco-Kid, the "green" child of the game publisher. The program closely follows the guidelines set by previous company platform games. In fact, it is relatively easy for the player to wonder on more than one occasion whether it is a new game, or a mod of Kome Bumb. The game itself is nice, entertaining and also has intangible "extras" such as presenting values ​​for respect of the natural environment. Our task, as Eco-Kid, is to rescue all the seal babies scattered by each of the 10 levels of the game. To facilitate our task, at the bottom right of the screen we have an indicator that shows us at all times the exact number of baby seals that remain pending for rescue on the level. When eliminating any enemy we will obtain extra points if we can collect the fruits that they leave. We have a limited amount of time at each level to carry out our task. If we get together the letters that make up the word "EXTRA" we will get an additional life.
Spanish Full Demo 740kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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