Ghost Hunter Reimu BlueMica 2015

This is an action-platformer released for Comiket 89. Apart from solid gameplay, it has another plus in its unique design choice, which draws from Japanese ghost- and horror-stories. One day in the summer nights, Reimu was drinking tea at the heated table in Hakurei Shrine until Youmu's spirit came to her and said there were strange incidents in Hakugyokurou. The game consists of side-scrolling platformer levels where the player fights through various spirits and obstacles before facing a boss at the level's end. The player takes control of the protagonist Reimu Hakurei, and, after completing certain stages the second protagonist Youmu Konpaku can be selected. Each character is equipped with chargeable melee attack, long-range attack and various spell cards. The game also features auto-save, helping the player to repeat or continue the game from the last checkpoint.
Download: None currently available

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