Psycho Rhythm [J] Concrete Games 1999

In this adult visual novel, five scientists died in the explosion upon conducting an experiment. Among them were Samba Hiroshi's parents. He lost parents at the age of 12 and was taken in by the neighboring Imino family. He lost memory and only faintly remembers being in the laboratory just before the tragedy happened. After graduation we started working as assistant detective in the Imino family and the first job is Left Eye case. Over 60 victims were found with their left eye gouged. Imino family head found the clues to it and was killed while investigating abandoned port warehouse. Samba is set to reveal the conspiracy behind this case and secret ESP's organization that manipulates unknown power with unknown purpose. Act0 - The story of the school age five years ago from the scenario. Story is of the day the heroine Yuko is transferred to school. ACT1 - Based on the information of the father of Konno (hero) and Kouichi Konno (Buddy) go to the harbor, but to the mysterious organization Konno out is ordered to steal experimental samples from the laboratory as a captive exchange condition.
Japanese ISO Demo 259MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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