Belpaese: Homecoming The Fazz Brothers 2017

Despite his many flaws (actually, because of them) a lazy, good-for-nothing, two-faced guy is rewarded with fame, women and power. Where could something like this happens? In Italy, of course. This is a 2D Point & Click Graphic Adventure. Episode One: Homecoming (Oct 16) shows our "hero", Peppe Nappiotto, facing the biggest challenge of his young life: how to deal with his mother's disappointment as he returns home to Sicily after 10 years spent at Milan University with no degree, no job and no money. Politics is admittedly an unusual topic for a video game, unless you're talking about Italian politics. No other country can boast a political system so full of crazy, laughable twists and turns (though recently, the United States may have taken that honor). No other country has been ruled by such buffoons, notable for being deficient in brains, a strong work ethic, not to mention being decent human beings. You know what we're talking about - they're the bullies who grew up stealing other kids' lunch money, flunked out of university and, having tried all possible shortcuts to wealth, finally find their calling by jumping into politics. The best part about this circus full of grotesque characters is that you can't help laughing at them.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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