Fushigina Mori no Pokora Marcken Software 2004

You play as a little girl who is trying to catch cute creatures called Pokora which are stealing acorns. Featuring some adorable visuals and innovative controls this game quickly breaks from the mold placed by other games. Your goal in this game is to catch as many Pokora as you can within the given time limit. To help you in this endeavor you have a radar shows you the location of these furry creatures. Considering you have a limited amount of time you won't be able to take your time and plan an attack, instead you will be charging head on toward the evasive Pokora. It's an interesting blend of genres, using racing-like controls as weird as that may sound. You basically use 2 buttons besides the directional pad: forward (or gas if you prefer) and jump which allows you to hop over obstacles that might get in your way. Mastering techniques such as drifting early on is important, because hitting an obstacle head on will knock you out for a bit losing precious seconds in the process. You can also do a rocket start by standing still and holding throttle and jump. This is perfect to get a jump start on those tricky little demons. If you are running and press throttle and jump you will do a dive allowing you to gain the last couple of steps needed to catch a quick Pokora. You will notice that some Pokoras carry acorns. Catching one of them grants you all the acorns that it was carrying. Collecting enough acorns allows you to purchase new clothing between levels that give you specific stat bonuses. Walking in mud slows you down to a walking pace. Rivers are impassible but you can jump over them to get quickly to the other side. Some levels also feature other elements such as wild boars. Once they start chasing you they never stop. The only way to stop a wild boar is to make it ram into an object, knocking it out for a short period of time. Scattered throughout the level you will find objects that once collected need to be brought back to a specific shrine in order to gain a temporary power up. This encourages exploration even in a tight time frame, because a speed boost from these power-ups is always welcomed. It has some of the cutest graphics and everything is extremely colorful and the levels are brimming with details: Cicadas sing happily on trees, butterflies and dragonflies fly around, and even birds scatter when approached.
Free Game 4MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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